Executive board

The management of SEF comprises highly active and experienced team. The president of the organization is elected biennially by members of SEF. Therefore every two years, we must hold elections. The elected president then forms new management and advisory members. Furthermore there is general meeting by members annually and must be hold at the end of the year on a time, date and venue agreed upon by management.



Executive board

1. Mr Abdul Mohamed, has been re-elected President of SEF.
2. Mr A M Ali has been elected as Vice President of SEF.
3. Mrs Ubah Haji has been re-elected as Vice President of SEF.
4. Mr Yusuf Sh. Mohamed has been elected as Chief Executive Officer of SEF.
5. Mr A M Hashi has been elected as Admin & Finance Director of SEF..
6. Mr Zakaria M Yusuf has been elected as Industrial & Legal Affairs Director of SEF.
7. Mr Ali Yusuf Omar has been elected as Marketing Director of SEF.
8. Mr M M Adow has been elected as Communications Director of SEF.
9. Mr S O M Abdullahi has been elected as Business Development & Projects Director of SEF.

Deputy Directors of department waxaa la doortay inay deputy o noqdaan Department Directors muddo 2 sano ah:
1. Mr A M Sharif Admin & Finance Deputy Director.
2. Mr A A Nur Deputy Director Industrial & Legal Affairs.
3. Mr Abdullahi Omar Deputy Director Marketing of SEF.
4. Mrs Ikram A Abdi Deputy Director Communications of SEF.
5. Mr Mahamud Sh. Ahmed Development & Projects Deputy Director.